Coming to an End

A quick note: the domain name for Ragged Cloth Cafe is up for renewal. I have been maintaining the name for some years but am now ready to let it lapse. If anyone is interested in taking it over, please let me know soon.

You can send me a note via “comments” or in a personal email. For the last batch of posts, Olga has done a heroic job of trying to keep the ideas and images flowing, but even she finally dropped back. However, the site will be here for a bit longer, and if anyone, including (or perhaps especially Olga), would be interested in maintaining it, I think there are ways to transfer the name. Just let me know, and I’ll figure out the details.

And just for the record — the Ragged Cloth Cafe has some of the most fascinating materials on textile art I’ve found on the web. It would be great if it could continue and regain its momentum.

Thanks to everyone who participated over the years.


3 Responses to “Coming to an End”

  1. 1 Olga February 1, 2013 at 9:46 am

    June, maybe I should rethink. What would be involved in taking it over?

  2. 2 Olga January 13, 2013 at 10:07 am

    June, a good New Year to you.

    It is sad that what was once a lively cafe cafe corner where so many dropped in for a chat is now gathering dust. I’m afraid that after my last contribution my mother’s condition got steadily worse, and then after she died I never got round to popping in again… until today – just to see if anyone had contributed.

    I reckon we have all moved on somewhat. I don’t feel moved to take on the cafe at present, especially as there has been no movement for such a long time. It was a wondrous while it lasted.

    • 3 Joanne January 21, 2013 at 7:26 am

      I had lost track of you for quite a few years, due to having one computer die and the new one had to begin without any ties to the old. No way to transfer. Now I am saddened (after stumbling on to the site today) to think all these essays will disappear. It seems so wrong. I scroll and find something that changes me–for the better–each time I visit. Today I found the answer to “what shall I do now” in the images of another’s work. Not to copy but to translate into what I already do.

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