Nature In All Its Glory – Sandy Wagner

I’m sorry this did not get on for Sunday but the internet was down on the ship.

This has nothing to do with fabric or painting. We are on a 31 day cruise from LA to Sydney and the beauty of our world is very alive with what God has placed before us. The vastness of the blue sky – the shade of blue and the clouds (sometime full of rain) large and fluffy. The water for as far as the eye can see with the blues and turquoise as the ship parts the sea – white foam on the edges. We just left the Hawaiian Island with all the coral, purples, reds in the flowers, the trees in many shades of green bordered by fields and lava. We are on heading to the unknown of Christmas Island. On sea days walking at 5:30AM you have the black sky with a thin line of color from the east and as the sun slowly rises you find the frosty pink and white clouds – a short time later a small squall passed and the sky on the right became a 3-D picture of slightly grey backed with pink set on fluffy white clouds. Words cannot express the beauty in the ever changing moments. The excitment continues as a second squall passes by leaving a wonderful double rainbow of yellow, blue, purple and pink with the inside rainbow being a full one – it was so close you felt that you could reach out and touch it.

As we travel along the islands the shades of green are many and the sky is ever changing. I cannot post pictures from here but will put some on when I get home.

Take time to look around you daily and see the changing colors in nature – take from it inspiration for your color pallet.


2 Responses to “Nature In All Its Glory – Sandy Wagner”

  1. 1 sandyw September 20, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    Hi Clairan, I’m not at home at the present time but our colors especially greens are more vivid in the spring when all is starting to blossom out. In the fall the smell in the air is much fresher but the colors are less.


  2. 2 clairan September 19, 2007 at 11:07 am

    Here in Chicago the green is incredibly intense right now. We had the wettest August on record, and now we’re having a dry, sunny Sept. The skies are deeply prairie fall blue, and Lake Michigan is a symphony of blues. I have never seen the city look better! What’s it like where you live?

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