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Sorry to be behind I must remember these early 3rd. Sunday calendars. In reading a book by Faber Birren and use of 3-D color for architects, designers and artists I found some interesting concepts. Mr. Birren makes use of well-documented facts of Gestalt psychology to construct a chain of reasoning as logical as it is spellbinding. Nothing seen by the eye is colorless; the color of an object is perceived before the shape; colors have weight and mass to the eye of the beholder. (editor’s remarks)

1. The root rectangels of Jay Hambidge is used for the basis of classical Greek proportion. Using this process he shows the lines of Greek vases and urns. When you look at it you can see multi design elements that can apply to many mediums of the art world. Roof lines, diarama buildings etc.


2. In teaching what is and what is not dynamic he uses the square. The square set straight appears to be a stable form and put on point it becomes (in his words) dynamic. Gestalt findings – many of them have practical application to 3-D forms and designs. The following picture shows a series of classical illusions – Birren states “the eye tends to judge shape and form in terms of surrounding elements. Some of the straight lines appear slanted -angles do not appear the same –


Looking at this grouping straight lines look as if they are bending or have angles – the bottom ones provide movement.


I find the staight lines and angles comfortable and non-threatening – but does that make for good art, does it get boring? Is it sterial, pleasing ??? Is it more exciting for you to work randomly, being free to be outside the lines. Where is your comfort zone?

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  1. 1 Karen Loprete August 13, 2007 at 7:51 am

    For me, being able to work totally at random usually comes as a suprise. Yes, I have made some of my favorite peices and come up with the most new ideas while in this outerbody experience.
    Unfortunately, the rest of the time is spent trying to get back there!

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